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We are always looking for Operator partners who can work hard, who can drive sales, and who are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service in a fun environment. We give those with an entrepreneurial spirit a unique opportunity to own their own business.

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how does it work?

Our operators want to start a business with little cash investment, low risk - and without franchise fees - and we understand that. Our Operators dedicate 12 to 16 weeks of their time each fall to run their stores. We give them the products, internal support and training - as well as a proven profit formula. We also provide the real estate lease, accounting, and training. Operators are charged with running the store, and offering great retail customer services. Retail or management experience is preferred, but not required.

How Do You Get Started?

Potential operators start with an initial phone call with one of our representatives, who will explain our program and discuss your qualifications. Interested operators will then complete our online application and will also include a list of malls they're interested in for the store, as well as three personal/business references.

As malls become available in an operator's geographic area, we will discuss open/close dates, sales projections, locations, and other important details. If we select you as an operator candidate, we will conduct a background and credit check. Once that's complete, we'll present you to our selection committee for final approval. Ready to run your own business?

To begin the process of running your own business and becoming an owner operator, please call:

Jacqueline Karsnia
888-422-5637 x119, x127
Email: opportunities@calendars.com

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the operator opportunity

With more than 20 years of experience, Go! Calendars, Games and Toys is the perfect opportunity for an entrepreneur. With no franchise fees and minimal upfront costs, you can own and operate your own business. Since 1993, Go! Calendars, Games, and Toys has followed a simple and proven model of success: You are the owner and we are the backbone, providing internal support, covering expenses and giving you access to the hottest selling calendars, games, toys and books.

Owner/Operator Responsibilities

You are the Store Owner and Operator. You sign an agreement with Go! Calendars, Games, and Toys to use our name, operating systems and procedures, and we lease your space, pay the rent and provide the merchandise. In return, we expect you to:

  • Do everything required to be a successful retailer - work the store, hire and train employees, manage inventory, make bank deposits and maintain impeccable store appearance.
  • Adhere to the Go! Calendars, Games and Toys policies, procedures and represent the name well.
  • Ensure the store opens and closes as scheduled - set up fixtures/product, receive shipments and return fixtures/product.
  • Drive sales - meet and exceed sales goals at each location - bonuses and incentives are in place.
  • Provide outstanding customer service and train your staff on these standards.
  • Maintain the ongoing relationships Go! Calendars, Games and Toys has fostered with the mall. They are essential to your success as a business owner.

If you would like to know more about Go! Calendars, Games and Toys and the opportunity to become a Go! Operator in our continued success and growth, please fill out an Operator/Owner application. A member of our internal team will contact you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the application or the opportunity, please feel free to contact our recruiting team at the following:

  • Jacqueline Karsnia, Recruiting Manager 888-422-5637 x127
  • General Recruiting Application Line 888-422-5637 x119

We look forward to having you as part of our team.

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training and support

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, but with Go! Calendars' proven methods of training and internal support, we eliminate many of the obstacles that you would otherwise encounter as a business owner.

Our training includes an Operator Manual on how to run your business; Setup Instructions on how to build your store; Plan-o-grams to merchandise your store; Graphic Guides to ensure your store attracts customers; and an annual Operator Conference at our headquarters in Austin, Texas. We also offer support through our SRV Exchange - a 24-hour online service with documents, instructions, account access, and important contact information you may need during the busy holiday season.

We also offer support via our in-house Store Operations Department. Each Operator is assigned a Store Operations Representative who is your main contact to answer questions, as well as offer direction throughout the operations process. We also have a Help Desk support team who can help you with any technical issues.

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Who are SRV and Go! Calendars?

SRV (Specialty Retail Ventures), a wholly owned subsidiary of Calendar Holdings, LLC, offers the opportunity to operate the most exciting seasonal retail concept stores in the United States. All of our stores feature a merchandise mix of maximum quality, selection and value - including Go! Calendars, Go! Games, and Go! Toys and Games.

Go! Calendars began in 1993 as Calendar Club, and our stores offer "The Best Selection of Calendars in the Known Universe." Go! Games carries board games, brainteasers, puzzlers, and puzzles. Go! Toys offers high quality toys that are durable, educational, and fun - including everything from activity kits, dolls, action figures, and all of the classics. We also have many stores that combine our concepts.

And remember that when we say "our store," we're really talking about your store. That's what makes the concept so exciting - entrepreneurs operate all of our stores, and they're people like you who profit from running their own businesses.

Will I be the store owner or manager?

You will be the store owner, signing an agreement to use our name, operating systems and procedures, displays, and products. We essentially provide you with a turnkey business. All you need to do is turn the key!

Do I need to have retail experience?

As the store owner, you need management and/or business experience, as well as good common sense, an outgoing personality, customer service skills, and the willingness to work hard. You will work the store, hire and train employees, manage inventory, make bank deposits, and provide exceptional customer service - everything that's required to be a successful retailer.

But how do I actually learn the business?

We host an annual Operator Conference where we'll cover new Operator training, updates for returning Operators, and the introduction of new and exciting products. As a new Operator, you are required to attend the new operator training sessions. You will also have an Operator manual that addresses accounting, interviewing, managing your staff, customer service, and how to increase sales.

We provide you with a Setup Guide and a Plan-O-Gram, as well as direct access to the staff at our corporate offices to support you and answer questions along the way. We also have staff that may visit your store throughout the season, and you'll also have access to a website where you can monitor daily store activities, check daily sales, inventory, and shipments. We want you to be a success: When you make money, we make money.

How do I get a store? Where do the products come from?

Our Real Estate Department works year-round to secure great locations in some of the most successful malls in the country. If you're selected as an Operator, we'll do our best to place you in a great location. We take care of the mall contracts/lease agreement and rent. We'll ship your fixtures to your store location at the appropriate time, as well as ship your opening product inventory. We also provide you with a cash register and bar code reader to easily ring up sales, as well as process cash, check and credit card transactions, automatically calculate sales tax, and run end-of-day cash register reports.

Am I responsible for inventory?

Yes. You are responsible for shrinkage and inventory, but you have a lot of help, namely your cash register. Here's how it works: At the beginning of the season, we'll ship you a select mix of product. Each evening when you close out, the cash register tells us which and how many products you sold that day. We'll replenish your sold-out inventory from that data.

Am I stuck with the product I don't sell?

No. At the end of the season, we'll credit you for every product that you don't sell, provided you return the products to us as instructed and in compliance with your agreement.

How do I earn my money?

Basically, you operate as a retailer who receives a wholesale discount off the retail price (the sales price) of merchandise that you "buy" from us. Each time you make a sale, you essentially buy that product and earn the difference between the retail amount you collect and the wholesale price you pay. Each night, you prepare and make a bank deposit from the day's sales. The following day we automatically remove our share of the sales (your wholesale cost) - leaving both your earnings and the sales tax you owe in the account.

Are there any upfront costs?

There is a $1,500 deposit fee, which is refundable at the end of the season after all merchandise, fixtures and other items are returned and reconciled. There is also a $1,000 non-refundable fixture rental fee. The total upfront cash investment is $2,500, of which $1,500 is refundable. Your daily expenses will be the labor costs associated with the stores. You will also be required to carry Workers' Compensation Insurance.

How much I can make?

Last holiday season, our average store exceeded $115,000 in sales - and our highest selling stores exceeded $400,000! How well you do depends a lot on how hard you work, how well you interact with customers, and how much time you commit to the store. Past success is not a guarantee of future performance, although we have proven the rewards in the past. Operators usually begin with one store concept in a single mall and, if successful, can add more concepts in the same mall in succeeding years. We also offer an incentive plan that challenges you to excel.

Where do I sign up?

The first step is in completing our online Operator application found at our career center at www.calendarholdings.com. We will review your application and, if you meet the standard criteria and we have a store available in your area, a Go! Calendars representative will contact you. Many operators are already asking about the next holiday season; in fact, approximately 70 percent of our operators return each year.

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financial investment

Estimated Initial Out-of-Pocket Costs to Operate an SRV store

Below we've listed the typical expenses related to opening and operating a single store.

Initial Expenses for a Store Price for Operator
Fixture Rental $1,000
Security Deposit $1500--Refundable
Worker's Comp Insurance Varies by state
Operation Capital Labor cost, office supplies, etc.

Paid for by Go! Calendars: Registers, ALL Freight Costs, Signage, Help Desk/Support Departments, Local/County/State Licenses, Utilities, Rent, Telephone reimbursements

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We Hire Veterans

The skills you learned in the military - leadership, excellence, integrity - are the skills that make a great Go! Operator. Your experience is valuable to us. We'd like to give you an opportunity to be your own boss, build a team and operate a store.

To learn more, call 1-888-422-5637 x119 or email opportunities@calendarholdings.com

operator testimonials

"If you're looking for a real business opportunity, in a growth market, where you get to work with a phenomenal group of people, that give you enough structure and guidance to guarantee success, and enough freedom to be your own boss... look no further, you're here."

Todd Garvey
operating los angeles, ca.

"Of all the seasonal business and year-round business I have put my hands into, I found that Go! Calendars was not only successful for me but also had a stable growth rate in size and profit. The organized business structure allowed me as an operator to focus on the front line customers and not every minor detail. This business was not a risk I took but more of an opportunity that led me to be very successful."

Shahida Jadran
operating minneapolis area

"Peggy and I have operated Go! Calendars stores for over 20 years. We operated one store that first year and have operated multiple stores every year since. Last year, we operated 9 stores in the Central Virginia area and are looking forward to doing the same in the next season.
During our 20 year association with Go! Calendars, we have always been impressed with the efficiency and management of the company and the guidance that they have given us. They have always treated us fairly and with respect. "

Ken and Peggy Gibbs
operating richmond, va.

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